The last nail in the coffin of Sb? Perhaps.

I can’t say that I was surprised to learn that Bora of A Blog Around The Clock was leaving ScienceBlogs, because I got a pingback a few days ago from his new hangout. I assumed that he’d been considering making a move for a while and wanted a backup plan in case he really did decide to leave, but man, I had no idea he was going to go out with such a big bang. His farewell post is a painful but necessary read for anyone who has ever spent a sizeable chunk of time reading or writing on Sb. I will continue to read his blog wherever he ends up.

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10 Responses to The last nail in the coffin of Sb? Perhaps.

  1. Samia says:

    I just don’t have the attention span for that guy. :/

  2. DWH says:

    To Samia: No kidding. Who could read through all that? We got it with “A farewell”.

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  4. That post was worth every sentence.

  5. Chris Clarke says:

    That’s a thing about the Internet that always amazes me: people blame a writer for their own attention span deficiencies. I think it’s a cousin to the “I don’t understand it, it must be stupid” phenomenon.

  6. Samia says:

    Oh, I’m not blaming Bora for my own attention span at all. In fact, I feel bad that I am having to read his post in chunks. PS some people have ADHD. :)

  7. Chris Clarke says:

    Samia, it’s obvious you didn’t blame Bora and I’m sorry if you thought I was talking about you: I should have been more precise in my comment. (Hey, I’m a fellow ADD sufferer too, and I sometimes don’t even finish reading my OWN posts.)

    Yes, Bora’s post is long: 8300 words. There’s certainly nothing wrong with reading it in multiple sessions. In fact, that’s probably the better way to do it. But I’m with Glendon: it’s worth every sentence. There’s a hell of a lot more there than “farewell.”

  8. isisthescientist says:

    Bora is always full of win. But, as to the nail in the coffin? I wouldn’t be so sure.

  9. I really hope not, Isis, since most of the blogs I love today started there (and a lot of good ones are still there). I’m actually hopeful that this will cause some new beginnings for Sb, as some of the heavy hitters leave so the less-read blogs have a chance to step up to the plate a little bit (and hopefully Sb takes this as a learning opportunity on how to treat their talent).

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