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Thanks to all for your well-wishes in the last post. My symptoms are getting a little worse (and a little more disgusting) but my mental state is getting a lot better. I still don’t know what’s wrong with me exactly. … Continue reading

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Gone for a while.

I’m going to be MIA for a while. Health issues.

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Big cats + catnip = ???

This is awesome. Someone videotaped various big cats (not all of them are ‘true’ big cats, but whatever) reacting to a bag of catnip in their environments. Most of them just roll around a lot and bat at things that … Continue reading

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The Carnal Carnival: Inaugural Edition!

Bora has posted the debut edition of the Carnal Carnival! Please check it out and learn everything you didn’t know that you didn’t know about poop! Next month’s theme is my least favorite subject, barf. So get to readin’, get … Continue reading

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Safety nets

The zomg grad school carnival!!!1 is now posted over at 49 Percent, so head on over and read all the wonderful posts that Samia has collected for us. One issue that I’ve been ruminating on for a while is whether … Continue reading

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No news is good news?

I’ve been pretty quiet this week, mostly because I took your advice and started reading. Stephen King (yes, now you know I’m a fan of High Literature) has written about four novels since I stopped having time to read regularly … Continue reading

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Neuromuscular Junction Cookie!

This is adorable. From here, found via this science cookie roundup post that I also highly recommend you visit, if you enjoy stuff like anatomical cakes and cookies that resemble T-4 macrophages. Click to enlarge!

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