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What "I Love Lucy" can teach us about capillary nutrient exchange

During yesterday’s review session we went over the circulatory system, an important part of which is the exchange of nutrients, gasses, and waste products between the blood and the body’s tissues at the capillaries. Nutrients and gasses diffuse into the … Continue reading

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Stuffed bell peppers

My boyfriend wants me to share this recipe with you, mostly because he thinks that there are people out there who don’t hate flavor the way I do (his words, not mine). For the record, I don’t hate flavor, I … Continue reading

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Pushing towards acknowledging sex differences in physiology and treatment efficacy (repost)

This is a post from my archives, originally posted on August 2, 2010. It is no surprise to many people that men and women are sometimes more susceptible to certain diseases than the other. By virtue of having differing anatomy, … Continue reading

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Grad Student Eating: Adventures in Ramen Substitutes

On the heels of the grad student food carnival, I thought I might share with you my trials and tribulations in attempting to find a satisfactory Ramen substitute. Ramen is one of the worst things you can eat, as it … Continue reading

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Delicious (cheap) food.

Just a short update to tell you to do yourself a favor and skim over the Grad Student Eating in Style Carnival over at Scicurious’s place. Three of my recipes are included! I made the mistake of reading the post … Continue reading

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